International Day For Yoga – June 21st

Contributor Post by Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns

International Day for Yoga is June 21st, so I asked team members what products they had in their shops that are yoga related, or promote mediation, health and well-being.

Lia from Ghirlandiamo recently read a scientific article about the health benefits of the sun. The article explained the sun can be beneficial to the healing of many diseases, such as psoriasis and other skin diseases. A few minutes of sun every day may also help to prevent colds and Alzheimers disease. It is also a good medicine for our bones, not to mention the health benefits of vitamin D.

The problem can be that our modern style of life – artificial lights for the most part of the day and not enough walks in the open air – can decrease our exposure to natural sunlight. This modern lifestyle can also lead to stress, which yoga can be very beneficial in relieving.

So for our well-being Lia suggests we all have more sun throughout the year, not only in the summer when going on holidays to the sea.



Ildi from DLux2by1 specializes in Magnetic Hematite Jewelry and has first hand experience in the value of the healing properties of hematite after breaking her wrist; now she never takes it off! She believes the difference it makes is amazing and she would never have believed it if she did not try it herself. She believes this natural therapy to be so much better than pills for inflammation from arthritis.


Wendy from wjoydesigns makes a range of candles, jewellery and art inspired by the natural environment, often using recylced materials and designed to aid the healing properties of the environment and meditation.

This candle is ideal to hone the healing benefits of mediation, which together with the inner realisation that can be delivered through yoga, can be an holistic approach to inner and out er health.



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