Christmas In July 2015 – Begins 2 Weeks From Today

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Christmas In July 2015 begins 2 weeks from today! This year our event will be held July 1st – July 12th!

The leaders have been busy working behind the scenes coming up with creative, innovative ideas to get everyone involved in the event.

To participate please join the Christmas In July team! Once you have joined there are many ways for you to be featured on our blog during #EtsyCIJ 2015! Please see the opportunitites below!

Classic Childrens’ Toys

Color & Creativity

Localized Pieces

Luxury Materials, Contempory Designs



Problem Solving Products

Scuba Blue

Social Media Tips

Vintage Materials

What Does Teamwork Mean To You?

Celebrate #EtsyCIJ 2015 by joining us on social media!

CIJ Team Facebook

CIJ Team Pinterest

CIJ Team Twitter

We have several events planned during #EtsyCIJ 2015 where you can get involved. Here are 2 of the upcoming events!

We are thrilled about our first #CIJPopUpMarket – a party in the streets of our blog! The streets will be shut down and your tents will be up and ready to showcase your unique items for you.

This will be an innovative and creative way for members of the #EtsyCIJ team to get to know one another and customers.

Due to the overwhelming response we had to our #CIJPopUpMarket we have added a second day to this event!

For more information regarding the #CIJPopUpMarket #2 please see this thread:

#CIJPopUpMarket #2

On July 10th we will host the #CIJParty 2015 right here on our blog! We are working behind the scenes right now prepping for the party!

Curious about our #CIJParty 2014? Here is the link:

#CIJParty 2014

We are looking for team members to make this #CIJParty 2015 creative and innovative! Please see the following links to submit a tutorial or a guest blog article:

#CIJParty 2015: Submit A Tutorial

#CIJParty 2015: Submit A Guest Blog Article

You are all invited to join us in the fun and festivities! We will be sharing more information in the weeks to come!

We have created a Facebook Event Page! Please join us and invite your friends! Christmas In July 2015!

Mark your calendar today and let the preparations begin!



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