Garden Crafts Found On Social Media

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

Have you ever found a craft on You.TubePinterest and other social media that you just had to make?

What garden crafts have you made or thought of making?

Barbara of MermaidsHatbox says:

Today I found this video on Youtube. I never see something like that before and I will make it and find out if it work. It’s a “Teelichtofen”.


Dawn Whitehand of DeeDeeDeesigns states:

I have a couple of things I have found on Pinterest, but I haven’t made any of them yet.

Succulent brick wall:

download (2)

Wine cork plant markers:


AliciasFindings said:

My mom found this real cute plant marker craft on Pinterest and we decided to make some for the fun of it.

We like to come together at times and have craft times, even if we are working on separate crafts.

029   027

So get online find something fun to do and do it!!!


3 thoughts on “Garden Crafts Found On Social Media

  1. I get some of my best ideas from Pinterest and Youtube. Not for sale in my shop, but I painted wine bottles then put a solar light in them. They are in my garden now, and all around my house. I need to make some more, lol. I only like a certain kind of wine bottle, though. I shared the link to one of them, from my blog. They are all different, no two the same. I think I might do some Halloween lanterns this year, with just regular old jars and solar lights.


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