World Environment Day (WED) Is June 5th

Contributor post by Dawn of DeeDeeDeesigns

World Environment Day (WED) is June 5th, and is the United Nations’ principal vehicle for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the environment, and serves as the ‘people’s day’ for doing something positive for the environment … SO I asked Christmas in July Team Members  what items they have in their shops that could help raise awareness about the environment?

Wendy Joy from wjoydesigns makes a range of environmentally friendly products such as this is a handmade item made from renewable resources – hemp, feathers and recycled metal. Using materials such as these helps our environment because they are from natural sources. It is positive that a bird did not have to be sacrificed for the feathers and we all know that hemp has so many environmental benefits (uses less water than cotton for example) and industrial applications. So the message here is to bring awareness to our consumer driven society that a beautiful creation CAN be made and ALSO not harm our environment or any animal in the making!


Ina from InaSudjana makes hand crafted felt cuteness such as this felt finger puppets set. This product helps raise awareness about the environment because it is made using 100% eco friendly felt derived from 100% recycled bottles.  Ina has other products in her shop also made from this material.

When purchasing this set, you’re not only getting something super cute, but you can also feel good that you’ve given something back to the environment.


Ildi from PitzicatVintage sells recycled and vintage clothing. She believes it is terrible how much is thrown away, and that selling this type of clothing helps to raise awareness about the environment. According to Ildi “Beautifully sewn clothing from an earlier age should be recycled. Buy vintage clothing and make a difference!”


As well as creating ceramic homewares and jewellery Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns makes a range of jewellery  using upcycled materials. She also uses recycled packaging to send all parcels to buyers, and states this is in her product descriptions as a means of raising environmental awareness. This set of hoop earrings was made using upcycled guitar strings and comes presented in a handmade jewellery pouch made with recycled fabric.




2 thoughts on “World Environment Day (WED) Is June 5th

  1. Thank you for this reminder of the importance of recycling. I love repurposing vintage jewelry and my closet holds more than a few vintage pieces. Congrats to all.

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