Summer Activities

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

Summer is right around the corner and with it all the activities of the season! Graduations, pool parties, beach time and so much more.

I asked Christmas in July members about their summer plans and I got varying answers.

Martha of HolidayCreations4U said:

In June my and my husband’s families have many birthdays, plus Father’s Day so we have one big picnic party for celebrate all.


AliciasFindings states:

I am having family over around Memorial Day – we are going to celebrate my brothers birthday. It shall be a great time, good food and time together.

We plan to visit my godparents sometime during the summer. I love visiting them for many reasons, but one is for the Friday fish fry. It is so good!


Sue and Misty of shabbyshopgirls says:

We usually have a big 4th of July party with fireworks and a day of swimming and picnic. Here are some fun trays for a great July 4th or picnic gathering!


Sarah of bellazahn tells:

Heading in to winter for us, so hoping to meet up with family at the mountain. This year I will be teaching my 4 year old how to ski.


Rhonda Tol of SimplyBeadifulDesign told me:

Hubby got bitten by the camping bug last year so we’re going to do as much of it as we can, and I am so excited about it!! I’m hoping to also get in a visit with my best friend at some point but we shall see about that!


Sounds like there will be lots of fun and trips, no matter what the season!


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