Google + Tips, Tricks, Business Uses And More

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

Google + is fast becoming one of the most widely used social medias out there. That is most likely the case, because of how many ways one can use it. It is great for connecting, networking, publishing ideas to name a few. We at Christmas in July wanted to know how our members used Google +.

Google +

Google +

AliciasFindings says:

I use Google + to promote my Etsy teams. I find it to be a great way to get the word out about sales, coupon codes, etc. I love the Google calendar! It is great for not only adding Google events, but for your own life events! What else do you use it for? Promoting? Networking? Personal? Work wise?

Candy Frizzell of TrueEarthDesigns states:

I use Google + mostly a place  to showcase my jewelry. I do use communities to post to. But, it is a back burner behind Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

We also looked into other sites and found some more ideas for you: Google Analytic for Business helps you determine who your audience is. It measures data and lets you know the end result.

Why Google Analytics

Google + DO’s for business –

  • Take Advantage of SEO (search engine optimization) Value
  • Use visuals when possible
  • Strategically share content
  • Make your posts stand out
  • Grow and target your audience

Google +: Do’s And Don’ts For Small Businesses

Create Events (for business or friends):

  • Navigate to Events from Home menu
  • Click “Create Event” in upper right corner
  • Fill out info and invite guests
  • Click Invite and you started an Event!

15+ Google + Tricks You Might Not Know About

  • See who has shared your posts
  • Format your posts
  • Create polls
  • Share your circles with others
  • Create photo slide shows

Google + For Etsy Sellers From Google

How to set up a G+ page:

  • Hover your cursor over “Home” and select “pages” from the drop screen
  • Click “create a page” button in upper right corner
  • Pick the type of page category you wish to select
  • Click finish and you are set to add info to your page

There are Communities you can join on a whole host of topics. You can also join events being held by friends on G+ or near you locally. You can use Hangouts, which is like a chat/skype kind of device.

How to start a Hangout:

  • Click Hangouts from the Home menu
  • Click “Start a Video Hangout”
  • Invite guests and start sharing and chatting

How to start a Hangout on Air (speak to those internationally):

  • Follow same as above except click on “Start a Hangout on Air”
  • Give your Hangout a Name, start date, invite guests and click “Share” to begin

You can also post anything you wish to (within G+ guidelines). Businesses can also make pages and also have their regular G+.

If you haven’t already I would check out Google + and see what it’s all about!

3 thoughts on “Google + Tips, Tricks, Business Uses And More

  1. I use a g+ business page, sharing essentially the same posts I put on fb. There are programs that will share your social media posts to several platforms, which allow you to post once and be done. (Hootsuite is one that’s free) I just cut and paste and load the photos separately. It’s another spot for the search engines to find your shop and relatively easy to use.
    If other members have a g+ business page, leave your link in the comments and I’ll be glad to follow you.


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