Spring Weddings – Favors And Supplies From Team CIJ

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

Spring is all about renewal and the circle of life. What better way to celebrate spring than with a wedding. This blog is all about what wedding items our team mates have created and what made them do so.

Evelyn and Lucy of artsyEVE says:

Many of my little 4 inch square pillows, similar to this one, have been used by several people as a sweet little ring bearers pillow!


Megha Silvano of byTheArtBug states:

This lovely wedding decor is perfect for anyone who wants a DIY wedding or is planning to do it on a budget.
With this easy to follow tutorial give your Spring Wedding a perfect handmade touch!
I have been making these flowers long before I opened my Etsy shop, after years of practice I am now sharing the tutorial.


Natasha J of TheCrochetBug let me know:

This is a pastel wedding jewelry perfect for a spring wedding. This barefoot sandal is inspired by beautiful spring butterflies.
Who does not love beautiful butterflies in the spring season so why not wear a delicate jewelry inspired by the them.


Lia Russo of Ghirlandiamo tells me:

This is not a typical item of mine, it’s very different from wreaths!

One year ago a dear friend of mine was getting married and asked me some decors. for her wedding.

I created some ornaments with fresh ivy for her flat and I thought to sew also a ring pillow.
I had the occasion to buy some precious silk, produced by an ancient and famous silk firm and sewed this ring pad.

It was so much appreciated by her, her family and friends that they suggested me to insert this item in my shop.

The ring pad model and the silk are the same, but, being handmade, every bride will have her unique pillow!


Carolyn Eady of SproutsPressDesigns stated:

I wanted to make a wedding guest book that appealed to the senses. Meaning, something that has a tangible memory, what better than paper and fabric together?

This is a neutral, down to earth wedding guest book. The hard covers are wrapped with my handmade bookcloth, giving so many more options for fabrics and colours in a book. But the beauty lies in the details: an ocean blue ribbon bookmark keeps your place while a half map page will surprise and delight!

I love the size of this book; not too big or too small. And once it’s filled, it’ll look good on your bookshelf or coffee table as a cherished keepsake.


Csilla Molnar of STILLforSTYLE says:

My favorite season was always Spring. I love to watch apple trees blooming in my little garden and smell the air. I love drinking my coffee every morning among spring flowers and research how they grown. This experience is inspiring me to create this decorative hair comb. I hope that it will bring spring in our hearts.


Nancy Duncan of EponasCrystals told me:

Beautiful teardrop crystal earrings perfect for the bride. The crystals sparkle with a rainbow of colors and will compliment any color theme. I love the color play as they dangle in the light. They are sure to get noticed by all!


Kelly of ColourscapeStudios let me know:

I created this print as I wanted something different on my wall here at home than what others were offering. I love it in the minty green, the colour reminds me of the way the world wakes up when Spring arrives!


Sarah Johnson of BellaBoutique23 stated:

I made these button bobby pins and think they would be beautiful for a bride to give as a gift to her bridesmaids to wear at the wedding. I love wearing beautiful bobby pins in my hair and think it would be a great gift and accessory for a Spring Wedding.


Amy Spock from BeadsandThreadsbyAmy shares:

I created these as a gift for a friend’s wedding. Their honeymoon was in Mexico, so I suggested they actually use these for travel laundry bags. She loved them so much that I added them to my shop. They make great wedding gifts, especially for young newlyweds. Paired with a set of sheets, and available in any color you can imagine, these totally customized pillowcases are a great gift!






Any bride would be fortunate to have these favors and supplies for their wedding! Why don’t you see what else Christmas in July Team has in store for your wedding?

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