St. Patrick’s Day Vintage Collectible Plate

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

On St. Patrick’s Day everyone is a ‘wee’ bit Irish! Patricia and Rebecca from northandsouthshabby share their Irish heritage and a vintage St. Patrick’s Day collectible plate from their shop!

There are many nationalities mixed in my blood, but the Irish is by far the most dominant.

I was named Patricia, in honor of my Great Grandfather, Patrick. He had emigrated to the US from Tipperary, Ireland in the late 1800s, and settled in a home that I would one day grow up in, and raise my children in.

My “Irishness” was fueled by my dad, who told me tales of leprechauns, traditions, and Irish lore. I have happy memories of St Patrick’s Day – it was always a day of wearing green, the sounds of Bing Crosby crooning Irish songs and feasting on corn beef and cabbage! My Dad loved St. Patrick’s Day, and it was on this day, that he left this world.

As a tribute to my Dad, I continue to celebrate St Patrick’s Day wholeheartedly. As soon as Valentine’s day is over – “the green” begins in my home. Along the way I started to seek out authentic Irish pieces which were made in Ireland to decorate my home.

I have been fortunate to find many pieces while out treasure hunting for our shop. Most I have kept, and are now displayed in my home. Some are offered in our shop. They all touch my heart, reminding me of my Dad, and the journey my Irish ancestors made through the generations.

Vintage Wild Shamrock Salad Plate by Arklow Pottery From northandsouthshabby

Vintage Wild Shamrock Salad Plate by Arklow Pottery From northandsouthshabby





3 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Vintage Collectible Plate

  1. How wonderful to have many generations live in the family home! It’s hard to lose a parent, but did you feel he almost choose the day? For my father, it was Christmas that was special to him and he died peacefully a few days after everyone was together. Thank you for sharing your story!

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