#CIJArtGallery – modernimpressionist

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

Virtual Art Gallery – Christine from modernimpressionist

1. What is your work of art?

My work of art is an acrylic on acid free 9×12 inch paper titled Figurative Seascape.



2. Please share your inspiration for this piece.

I love the Jersey shore and have taken lots of photos at all times of year of the beach. I was inspired from this summer photo with the colorful figures enjoying the summer day.

3. What keywords describe your work? 

Modern Impressionism– a combination of recognizable forms blended with some abstract qualities.

4. Is this your favorite medium? Do you work in other mediums?

Acrylic and oils are my favorite mediums. I also like to make collages from torn papers and canvases that are already painted and add more paint on top of that.

5. What fascinates you?

I am fascinated that an everyday object can become a piece of art and the endless ways different artists can interpret it through their mediums.

6. What are your social media sites?

Website: www.christineparkerart.com
Blog: christineparkerartblog.com
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/cmpArtist

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