Treasury Challenge Winner August – UnexpectedTreasure

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

On Etsy many shop owners curate treasuries. A treasury is a curated shop gallery comprised  of 16 items from any shop.  Most of the time they are done by theme, color or anything you can imagine.

The Christmas in July team has challenges to create treasuries centered on themes of our choosing. We then pick a winner based on views, creativity and the like.

The August winner is UnexpectedTreasure who loves sewing,crocheting and anything crafty.

What got you started on etsy?

Family and friends had been telling me for years that I should be selling online. I’d been selling locally for about ten years. In the November of 2009 I saw a Martha Stewart segment featuring an Etsy seller who had the cutest onesies. It was the first time I had ever heard of Etsy but I decided I had nothing to lose. So I spent two months whipping up some inventory and opened my shop, Unexpected Treasure, in January 2010.


What do you love about fall/autumn?

I love just about everything about autumn; the brilliant colors of the changing leaves, apple and pumpkin picking then baking delicious pies with them, hay rides, corn mazes, etc. The only thing I don’t like about autumn is that winter comes right on its heels. LOL


Do you plan to use the holiday trends of 2014 in your shop and if so how?

I’m not really a trend follower. However, there are two trends I was reading about recently and I plan to follow them. The first: According to Money magazine, people will shop online earlier to avoid last year’s shipping nightmare. The second kind of goes right along with the first: According to e-commerce intelligence, the trend for the past two years has been for shoppers to spend more online during the holiday season. So I plan to list as much new inventory as possible by October 31st so buyers will have lots of delightful gifts to choose from and also to allow plenty of time for shipping and, hopefully, on time delivery.

What do you enjoy about team CIJ?

I love that it’s a year-round team instead of just a seasonal one.


How and what are your plans for this holiday season? Shop wise and home wise (only if you wish to tell us about family part).

My plans for the holiday season shop-wise were probably best answered by question #3. But to add to that I’ve already stocked up on plenty of shipping supplies and plan to offer lots of priority mail shipping, especially using the regional rate boxes whenever possible.
My family plans for the holiday include lots of sewing gifts, cookie baking, eggnog drinking, playing Christmas carols beginning on Thanksgiving day, and generally just taking the time to savor the spirit of the holiday.

This shop is filled with a mix of crochet, sewing and so much other unexpected treasure.


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