The Hunt Is On – Vintage From Us To You

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

Yet another of Etsy’s categories is Vintage and it is a hot one! There are so many people getting into going “treasure” hunting to find some great pieces for their home or someone else’s. Here is one of Etsy Christmas in July’s offerings.

Come browsing with me!

Patricia and Rebecca of northandsouthshabby explains:

Whenever I am out and about “treasure hunting” I am always drawn to vintage cross stitch pictures. As a “retired” cross stitcher, I know the countless hours lovingly and meticulously put into creating this beautiful embroidered art. No cross stitcher would ever send their work to a thrift shop – there’s just too much “love” in all the stitches! I always feel sad to see a cross stitch picture looking so lost among the cast offs. I imagine that they most likely come from an estate, with the present owners having no idea of what went into their creation. So, I feel the need to rescue these beauties whenever I can.


I hope you had fun on the hunt with me and maybe even got “the bug” to go looking for some treasure.


2 thoughts on “The Hunt Is On – Vintage From Us To You

  1. Alicia, thanks so much for posting about North and South’s Shabby’s treasure hunting! We still haven’t found a home for this piece, but that’s okay! It looks great on our wall as part of an Autumn vignette.


  2. I have the bug some what myself,although haven’t bought much. I guess I could sell it on here…I find the whole process amazingly fun!


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