Art Is A Treasured Part Of Home And Living

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

Etsy has many categories from which to search for that perfect item! The two I am going to focus on now are: Home and Living and Art. The team is full of artists of all types,  but these categories are just breathtaking and unique!

Come take a journey with me!

Rachel Palmer of 910woolgathering states:

My grand mother used to crochet pot holders. Hers were unfortunately made from acrylic yarn and sadly melted. I create mine from wool yarns, which will not melt or flame up. The are also machine washable on cold, lay flat to dry, so are easy to care for, and will be long lasting.


Barbara of SalentoFeltShop explains:

Cartapesta Leccese is the ancient art used in Salento (last land of Italy) to make religious statues, but not only. I love to make wonderful roses with this simple material! Every detail is hand cut and molded with passion and care!


Kelly of ColourscapeStudios says:

A homely touch for the walls, our home doesn’t run unless we’re fueled up in the morning with the sweet taste of coffee!


Lia Russo of Ghirlandiamo mentions:

I do love magnolia leaves (either fresh and dried ones), so I often use them for my creations.
Even leaves are already dried, they go on slightly modifying, as time goes by and they constantly take new shapes.
So you have a “living” decor at your home!


Hopefully you learned something new or found something you must have for your Home!

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