American Business Women’s Day – September 22nd

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

September 22nd marks the 1949 founding date of the American Business Women’s Association, the mission of which is “to bring together businesswomen of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership; education, networking support and national recognition”.

This holiday was recognized in 1983 and 1986 by Congressional resolution and a proclamation issued by President Ronald Reagan. It commemorates the important legacy and contributions of the more than 68 million American working women and 7.7 million women business owners.

Moreover, it provides an opportunity for ABWA chapters and individual businesswomen to celebrate their accomplishments within the American and global marketplace.ABWA

I wanted to know what advice any women in business have for new women business owners. It could be online advice or brick and mortar advice.

Kristy Jo of KrystalKlarityBeads said:

I think that we need to look at how women have been successful in unique ways often a bit differently than men. We are able to work together in a more supportive way I believe; teaming up just like here on the net. Women from all different walks of life and places reaching out to offer advice, or ask for it seems to be a way we often do better. Most of us have experienced things like working for a lesser wage than a man even when doing the same job (at least where I come from) and being promoted less often or dealing with bad situations in jobs just because we are raising children and need specific hours and to keep things steady. (I am aware that only one parent household whether it be the father or the mother has certain difficulties with hours, childcare, etc.)

I believe that women are becoming more successful in their own business because we have to be in order to provide for ourselves and our families as the family structure has changed a great deal and we are often the only breadwinner. There are so many factors out there like waiting to get married later, choosing not to marry at all, single parenting and so much more. I believe we need to reach out to other women in business and that we need to support each other and work towards our end goals together.

My advice is simple because if I have seen or heard one common thing the most it is the need to learn how to use what is at our fingertips online or even how to use the internet in general. Do what you have to – take a class, follow your dreams, put your hobbies to use online whether on the side or full time. Know that you can persevere. Women, I believe, are so much smarter and stronger than often given credit for. Maybe it is my age that gives me this view, or the way I was raised, but I know I see women with so much potential that need to let go of the fear and reach for what they want!

Lia Russo of Ghirlandiamo stated:

Kristy, you made a bright analysis of the situation. I agree with you.

I suggest any woman to read “In the beginning” by Catherine Dunne: a woman who, suddenly, increases her self awareness!

Sherry of treasuresRtimeless explained:

I so agree with Kristy! So I just wanted to add my opinion here too!

It has always been my belief, that a woman can do anything if they set their minds to it. I grew up during woman’s liberation. Even though there were some things about this movement I disagreed with, I think it helped get things rolling in the right direction . Today, you see woman in all kinds of leadership rolls and also, owning their own companies. I am sure they had a bumpy road to go over to get where they are today.

I have never, thought that I was the “weaker sex” except maybe physically. But mentally, I was just as strong as a man. So with that “thinking” I have been able to accomplish more in my lifetime.

If you are starting out in a business, whether on line or in a brick and mortar shop, get all your ducks in a row, know where you want to be, set realistic goals for yourself, go to school to brush up on those areas you are weak in, never, never quit trying! This is just not good advice for a woman in business, it is good advice for anybody who wishes to succeed in life!

I love challenges, and if I have more challenges because I am a woman, so be it! I love my shop here on Etsy. It may not be where I want it yet, but I will never give up trying to make it my best! So, just do your best and do not settle for less!

Alicia of AliciasFindings mentioned:

The advice I would give is to network with other sellers. Networking can help in so many ways,including generating new ways of advertising.

Make sure that on September 22nd you shop from a woman business owner or give some advice to a new woman business owner – or do both.

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