#CIJParty – Social Networking of 2014

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

It seems no matter who you are or what you do some of your time is spent networking, whether it be in person or via the online realm.

It is especially useful to us business owners as a tool to get our product, our brand and our name out there.

The Christmas in July team has made sure that we are doing everything we can to reach our full potential in this vein.

We are on twitter, facebook, pinterest and this blog to help spread the CIJ word!

Part of this venture into the social world has been to invite teams to join with us in a fun and productive way.

The first such event this year was a Duo Treasury Blitz with Show and Tell your Etsy Business Team (SATET) and it was an unqualified success! Not only did the participants have a blast, but  some shops had many sales!!


Next up we did a Duo Social media blitz with Strategic Promotion for Success Team (SPS) where each member was assigned a member of opposite team to promote anyway they wanted to socially. It seemed like lots of fun and I hope to do one of these in the future!

images (5)

Coming up on Saturday 7/19 we will be having another Duo Treasury blitz this time with Helping Etsians Promote Team (HEP). It is sure to be a blast! Come and check it out!

I cannot wait to see what Team CIJ will do in the future using social media and networking.


3 thoughts on “#CIJParty – Social Networking of 2014

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