#CIJParty – Making Origami Star Garland

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Good afternoon! Thank you for joining us for the fifth class today. Megha from byTheArtBug – was bitten by “The Art Bug” as a young girl! Hence her business name! Honestly this class has me focused – she makes it look so easy! To make this Megha shares with us how to make origami star garland.

  • Introduction
    These are so easy to make and they look so cute and fun! I made about 200 stars big + Small, and got two 12 ft garlands! I Made the stars while watching TV!With these you cam make garlands, ornaments or just fill them up in jars. Use patterned paper to get different types of designs on them.
  • Materials Used
    – Strips of Colored Paper (I used 1.5 cm X 28 cm strip cut from A4 size colored paper and half the width for small stars). You can use any type of colored, shiny paper. If it is too thick take small strips and if thin long strips of paper.
    – Scissors
    – Twine or thread
  • Tutorial Directions
    Make a knot in the strip like this, turn around and fold the small flap in cit the excess strip.S1S2
  • Next Step
    Turn around and start folding over the strip maintaining the pentagon shape.S3S4
  • Then
    Keep folding till the strip finishes.S5S6S7S8
  • Easy For Megha To Do
    In the end, fold the small flap in and cut off if there is any extra paper left.S9S10
  • Focus
    Hold it and pinch, it will automatically pop, shape all the sides.S11S12
  • We’re Almost There
    Here is your Star!S13S14
  • Conclusion
  • Share Your Social Media Sites

Thanks for stopping by for Megha”s origami star garland class! Be sure to check out our full class schedule for today’s Craft Party on our main party post.

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