#CIJParty – Making A Handmade Christmas Ornament

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Good morning! Thank you for joining us for the third class today. Tisha from quiltytherapy – has been quilting for over 10 years and it is her passion. She loves to create designs and original works! Tisha shares with us how to make a handmade Christmas ornament.

  • Introduction
    Creating a handmade Christmas ornament can be a nice gift or something to do with the kid’s for the holidays.  Once completed the ornament looks like a Christmas tree.  This project will take less than 30 minutes to complete.
  • Materials Used
    Thread spool (I used vintage ones in my stash)
    Fabric scraps (6″ squares make a good size to go on the thread spool)
    4″ ribbon
    Sewing machine (can be hand sewn too)
    Stuffing (poly stuffing or excess batting)
    Pencil or disappearing ink pen
    Hot glue
  • Tutorial Directions
    Select the spools of thread you want to use and coordinate with fabric squares.?????????????????????????????
  • Tutorial Directions
    Fold the square in half with right sides facing each other.?????????????????????????????
  • Tutorial Directions
    Draw the shape you want.  I chose a U shape.  When marking on fabric I use a disappearing ink pen to mark my lines.  You could use a regular marker as well since you will be leaving a seam allowance and turning the U inside out.?????????????????????????????
  • Tutorial Directions
    At the pin there is a 4″ ribbon loop inserted to hang the ornament.  If making a table top item, the ribbon isn’t necessary.?????????????????????????????
  • Tutorial Directions
    Sew the line you drew and cut a 1/4″ seam allowance outside of the line.?????????????????????????????
  • Tutorial Directions
    Turn the U inside out.  Use scrap batting to stuff U to fill it out.
  • ?????????????????????????????
  • Tutorial Directions
    Once the U is as full as you like, gather the fabric at the open end.  I folded mine in like a present.?????????????????????????????
  • Tutorial Directions
    Add a dab of hot glue to hold the fabric together.  Once dry add another dab of hot glue and adhere the thread spool over the closure.  Press hard to help it adhere.?????????????????????????????
  • Tutorial Directions
    Hold for a minute or two and there you go.  Hanging Christmas tree inspired Christmas ornaments.
  • Conclusion
    Note:  There are tutorials out there to make this more of light bulb look.  However I tried it and it didn’t look right.  So I flipped the hanging part over and the trees were much better.?????????????????????????????
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Thanks for stopping by for Tisha’s handmade Christmas ornament class! Be sure to check out our full class schedule for today’s Craft Party on our main party post.

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