Eco-Friendly Summer

Contributor post by Jessica of CrochetNature

Summer is a great time to celebrate, which is getting ready to celebrate one of the biggest holidays of the year…early…is such a great thing to do with Etsy Christmas in July! Summer is also a time to enjoy the sun, beaches, lakes, rivers, and exploring the outdoors. If we don’t take care of our world, the beauty may fade. BUT we can have a totally Eco-friendly summer that is beautiful with the following lovely items from shops who are part of the Etsy CIJ team. Here is what these fabulous shop owners have to say about their Eco-friendly creations.

summer-bee photo-AngsanaSeedsPhoto

Shop: Angsana Seeds Photo

Item: Earth Day Photo Print

“This year I created a special cards collection in honor of Earth Day. Three prints each featuring earth-conscious theme were chosen for this purpose. The first one, “Harvest,” features a honey bee on Queen Anne’s Lace to remind us that the honey bee is an integral part of our environment. Without them, everything would perish. To make these cards eco-friendly, they were specially printed on acid-free, FSC-certified fine art paper from sustainable sources.”

summer-paper bracelets-byTheArtBug

Shop: byThe Art Bug

Item: Paper Beads Bracelet

“I first learned making these beads when I was in 6th grade! They always amazed me so much, it was fun to imagine how a junk piece of paper would turn into something so beautiful and unique. This art needs a lot of precision and patience which is what gives it the neat and delicate look. Each bead is hand cut, hand rolled and then covered with gloss before it becomes a part of the jewelry piece. I also design each of my jewelry piece. This Eco-friendly bracelet is unisex and is perfect to adorn your summer style.”

summer-shell ring-TreasureGrotto

Shop: Treasure Grotto

Item: Siebler Sea Shell Spoon Toe Ring

“Sterling silver spoons which were once given as gifts, collected as souvenirs and passed down through generations have survived the ravages of time but are often left to sit in drawers or boxes, unseen and unappreciated in today’s fast paced world. I transform these spoons into wearable art for today’s woman. The process is delicate because the spoons are often 100 years old, or older, and who knows what they have been through during that time. Using my experience and skills learned in the fine jewelry business, I cut, shape, smooth, and fire each piece to create the jewelry, then finish each one by hand to bring the glow of the antique silver back to life. Today these treasures find new life as jewelry from Treasure Grotto in an eco-friendly process that recycles the old silver while preserving the beauty of the original creations.”

summer-chunky cup cozy-CrochetNature

Shop: Crochet Nature

Item: Chunky Cup Cozy Crochet Pattern

“The yarn I used for these cozies is quirky chunky oversized yarn, taken from the fashion industry. It is made using the off-cuts from the textile manufacturing process which are then up-cycled into reclaimed yarn spools. It is highly ethical and quickly creates instant impact. It’s doubly good for the environment because it also replaces the cardboard cozies that many coffee shops hand out and it works well to know which cup belongs to who at summer BBQs.”


Shop: by The Crochet Bug

Item: Handmade Rustic Coaster

 “I hand crocheted these star coasters with 100% natural hemp twine. My inspiration for making these coasters is my love of working with natural materials, and the star design is nature inspired. The hemp twine gives these coasters a very rustic and elegant look. They can be used in any season, including summer!”

summer-wood fish-JuguetesEloisa

Which Dad? The one who is all natural.

Shop: Juguetes Eloisa

Item: Handmade Wood Fish

“I try to make my toys as Eco-friendly as possible. All of my toys are handmade with pinewood, produced in Chile (where I live) by very high standards of sustainability. I also use non-toxic water-based paint, which allows to the grain of the wood to appear beneath the colors and seals them with natural beeswax and natural oil polish. I think being Eco-friendly does not only lie in using Eco-friendly materials, but also transmits a desire to take care of our planet by being in contact with natural materials. Also, all of my toys are nature themed – almost all are animals! These fish reminds us of the sea, the beach and the bright colors of summer.”

summer-woven pot-ChickenJungle

Shop: ChickenJungle

Item: Origami Succulent Plant Pot

“When I was a little kid in the 1960’s, many of my classmates were making fancy folded paper chains out of gum wrappers…beautiful intricate creations, sometimes long enough to go around walls! I was always jealous of them because I could never seem to figure out how to fold the gum wrappers. Now 40-something years later I have finally figured out how to fold the wrappers right, but I don’t chew gum so I have no gum wrappers. But I do have countless many cardboard paper towel tubes. I have discovered that they are the perfect size to cut and fold, and they make very sturdy objects.”


Aren’t these great – creative and oh, so summery!

We’d love to hear your comments and know if you have any other ideas for a fabulous Eco-friendly summer!


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