Christmas in July-Summer Trend Cacti and Bright Textiles

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

Christmas in July is an Etsy community event that is a blast to participate in! The official dates this year are July 10th – July 20th.

The CIJ team even has all the latest trends, including Cacti and Bright Textiles! This trend is catching on and is so versatile.

Suzanne Love of MountainGoth says:

I started making hats years ago because I couldn’t find a jester hat to finish off my Halloween costume. Back then I never dreamed I’d turn it into a business. This one is made from neon colored cotton.


Jennifer Watson of JenWatsonPhotography let me know:

I have a couple more cacti images soon ready to upload. Discovered in the Cacti & succulent garden at Mt. Cootha Botanical Gardens in Brisbane, Australia.


Sue Green of GreenbriarCreations stated:

I found this great hanky in a box that I rescued from an estate sale. It just scream Kitchen Kitsch – perfect for summer to display on a shelf or in a frame.


Laura of ChickenJungle tells me:

Around 15 years ago I got my first start of this wonderful thornless prickly pear cactus from a Hispanic American vendor at a flea market here in south Texas. She had put a single large pad into a pot, and was selling the pad in the pot for $2.00. Around here, this thorn less cactus is a popular ingredient in many Mexican dishes…it’s called nopales, nopalitos. I took it home and put it in my garden, just stuck it in the ground. That one single pad produced more and more pads, and now it has become a living fence around my garden….all clones of that first pad. It never needs watering, of course!


These shops all have wonderful items that you just gotta see! It’s a fiesta for you eyes!


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