Eco-Friendly Father’s Day

Do you know a father who loves the earth and would appreciate and Eco-friendly Father’s Day gift? I know one for sure. My husband. He’s an Environmental Science teacher. Not only has he reached his students, but he has also taught and inspired me! I’ve grown to really love and care for our environment, inspired by his passion. One way I live it is by using yarn that is Eco-friendly and Fairtrade when I design a new crochet pattern for my Etsy shop. For this Father’s Day, I thought it would be great to see and share what others on the Etsy CIJ team have to offer for an Eco-friendly Father’s Day.

vintage tie - LivePastVintage

Which Dad? The one who appreciates history.

Shop: Live Past Vintage

Item: Vintage Tie

Eco-friendliness: Vintage is cool and this ticks the box for the second of the three Rs…reuse!

recycled coffee cup sleeve - SunshineMakings

Which Dad? The one who loves his coffee.

Shop: Sunshine Makings

Item: Recycled Denim Coffee Cup Sleeve

Eco-friendliness: First of all, it replaces all the cardboard sleeves that our favorite coffee shops like to slip on their cups. Second of all, the yarn is totally recycled! The denim cotton is broken down and the fibers are then re-spun into yarn!

felted slippers - feltinga

Which Dad? The one who likes to keep his floors clean and feet warm.

Shop: Feltinga

Item: Felted Wool Slippers

Eco-friendliness: Felt is made from wool. Wool is an environmentally friendly, sustainable source. What could be better?

scorpion pendant - BeadyEyedBird

Which Dad? The one who is all natural.

Shop: Beady Eyed Bird

Item: Carved Coconut Shell Scorpion Pendant

Eco-friendliness: It’s made from a natural, untreated material that would otherwise be a waste product. A cool fact about this pendant is that it came from Chichicastenango, Guatemala – say that three times fast!

paper beads bracelet - byTheArtBug

Which Dad? The one who is Eco-conscious.

Shop: by The Art Bug

Item: Upcycled Paper Bead Bracelet

Eco-friendliness: Upcycled paper beads join to make this unique & one of a kind gift.

***Wishing a Happy Green Father’s Day to all of you!***

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