CIJ Etsy Craft Party – Handmade Coasters

Contributor post by Jennifer of CaffeinatedPapercuts

Last Christmas I surprised my sister and her fiance with two sets of handmade, custom coasters. While I used monograms and printed images for this tutorial, I’ve also done them with scrapbook paper and printed photographs. The trick with using photographs are as follows:

  • use photos printed on matte finish cardstock and printed using a laser printer. That way the ink doesn’t run when you seal it with Modge Podge
  • Prints you send away for via Shutterfly, Snapfish, etc. also work fine
  • If you absolutely must use an inkjet printer, use matte cardstock and let the prints set for about an hour. Then spray the paper with a matte finish sealant (Krylon makes a great one) to lock in the ink. Wait the required drying time, then spray them again. Trust me, your ink is going to run otherwise.

So, how did we make them?

Warning: the photos came out awful! I had no idea until after the holidays, of course…sigh…

  •  4″x4″ ceramic tiles that we found at Lowe’s for $0.16/each
  • Mod Podge, matte finish
  • spray Mod Podge, matte finish
  • 3/4″ felt furniture circles, 4/tile
  • foam brush
  • 4″x4″ design*

Trim up your paper to 4″x4″ and set aside. Lay out your tiles on a covered surface and get your Mod Podge ready. Lightly coat your first tile with Mod Podge and carefully lay your paper over the top. Smooth it out to remove all the bubbles and set aside to let dry. I typically flip the tile upside-down so that the image is on my table; it helps keep the bubbles out.

Once dry, give them a second coat of Mod Podge. Since using a foam brush will leave slight brush marks, apply this coat in the opposite direction of the first. So, if the first coat went on left to right, turn your tiles 90 degrees before applying the second coat. Once that coat is dry, spray them all with the spray Mod Podge to give it a sealant against spilled liquids…coasters do seem to attract those. (ba-dum-bump) Once everything is dry (we let them sit for a day or so), apply the felt circles on the bottom to give them that non-skid goodness we expect from coasters. Ta da, beautiful handmade coasters that don’t break the bank!

Monogram coasters with the letter ‘L’
Kitty and puppy coasters

If you’re Photoshop-savvy, here’s how you make the custom artwork: open a new file and size it to 4″x4″. Let your creative self go crazy! You can fit four printouts on a standard letter-size sheet for printing ease. I used a lightweight cardstock and I would not recommend going heavier.

Where did I get the idea for making coasters? Pinterest, of course! I am truly loving that site…all crafters should hang out on there. Feel free to follow my boards on there for inspiration of your own! If you do make coasters, please let me know so I can see how they came out.

Thanks for stopping by the Handmade Coasters class today! Be sure to check out our full class schedule on the main Craft Party post.

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