CIJ Etsy Craft Party – Decorate Your Tree with Photo Ornaments

Contributor post by Jennifer of CaffeinatedPapercuts

Christmas is a magical time of the year. One of the best gifts you can ever receive is being able to spend it with your family and friends.  Here’s a wonderful Christmas tradition perhaps you’d be interested in having for your family :

“Growing up, we loved going to a tree farm and picking out the perfect Christmas tree. (Or not so perfect. I have fond memories or trudging through the snow with my brothers, cutting down a tree, and dragging it through the field. It’s a good thing I had strong brothers. After the tree thawed, it was time to decorate it. We covered it in decorations that my parents collected through the years. In a way, the Christmas tree became a “scrapbook” of sorts.

My family’s tree (as I was growing up) was filled with ornaments from “baby’s first Christmases”, trips that we took, activities that we did, like music, dance, and sports ornaments. My parent’s liked having photograph ornaments made. They had a wedding one made of themselves, and had photo one’s made for each of the children for our first Christmases. My mother also always made it a point to keep every ornament we ever made. The Christmas tree had beautiful glass ornaments on it, along with a few popsicle stick snowflakes. She still hangs our handmade photo ornaments that we made in grade school. Both of my parents also kept ornaments from when they were kids as well.

Both my family and my husband’s family always got together Christmas morning. Now that we are grown and have kids of our own, we love to visit our families and share breakfast with them, the same we had done when we were kids. I enjoy watching my kids share in the festivities the same way I had when I was a child.”

Learn how to make your very own photo ornaments with your kids this Christmas!

Tutorial for Jar Lid Christmas Ornament” by Ida Herter

Step One: Gather Supplies

  • Washed and dried jar lids
  • Ribbon
  • Colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Hot glue, or some other strong glue
  • Photos or cards
  • Beads, stickers, any other decorative item you wish to add
  • Nail (or something else to poke a hole through the lid)


Step Two: Poke hole in Lids

Make a hole by hammering a nail through the lid. Do this on a safe surface (I used a craft board) so as not to damage floors or tables. *SAFETY* Do not let children do this step. Keep the little ones away when making the holes in the lids.

Step Three: (optional) Add Paper or Paint to Back

If you wish to add paper to the back of the ornament, this is the best time to do it. Simply trace the lid on the paper you wish to add to the back and glue it to the back of the lid. After the paper is added, poke a hole through the paper in the same spot the hole is on the lid.


Step Four: Add Hanger

You can use a number of materials to make your hanger. I chose to use ribbon for one of my ornaments, and a string of beads for another.

String the hanger through the hole in the lid. Tie a knot, and glue it in place on the inside of the lid.



Step Five: Decorate the Inside of the Lid

Trace the lid on a card, a photo, or colored paper. For my Santa ornament, I first added some dark red scrapbooking paper inside the lid; then I used the Santa card to cut a smaller circle. You can layer paper, or you can cut out just the picture and add it to the lid.


Step Six: Finishing

Now, add any extra embellishments that you wish. I used some tiny star stickers to add to my Santa ornament. I think it gave him a little extra sparkle and charm.

If you were making a paper covered lid, cut a long thin strip of paper and glue it to the outside edge of the lid.

Don’t forget to add dates to the back!


Many thanks to Ida from HerterCrochetDesigns for sharing her family’s Christmas tradition with us and for the wonderful tutorial! Be sure to check out our class schedule for today’s Craft Party on our main party post.

2 thoughts on “CIJ Etsy Craft Party – Decorate Your Tree with Photo Ornaments

  1. What a creative idea! We started a tradition at our house of making new Christmas decorations each year and this will definitely be an addition. I’ll need to start going through our recycling and saving all the jar lids.


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