Using Social Media to Drive Business – How the Tweet do I use Twitter?

Hello everyone, it’s Jen from Caffeinated Papercuts! I’m back with the next installment of our mini-series here on the CIJ blog; Using Social Media to Drive Business. We all know as shop owners that we’re supposed to be using everything possible to keep our customers engaged and, hopefully, generate new ones. But how? What works? What doesn’t work? Those are the questions we’re going to be answering one social media outlet at a time!

twitter logo

Today we’re squawking about that mystery of mysteries, Twitter. Hashtags, tweets, followers…how the tweet do you use it?? I asked my fellow CIJ teammates how they handle this crazy bird. Kelly from ColourscapeStudios answered the call with these words of wisdom:

We use twitter, and it’s worked well for us in regards to letting our local customers know when we’re at markets and for everyone to let them know we’re releasing new stuff. Sneak peek photo’s always get a reaction for us!

What has worked: I think it’s a good place to promote your work IF you use appropriate hashtags, and you use it as a place for a good chat with a bit of promotion thrown in.. not the other way around. Twitter accounts that only plug their work don’t have big followings, it’s those who engage with others on there that seem to do the best out of it. Sharing things like cool photography we’ve stumbled across, tips, tricks, local content has done us wonders. 

What hasn’t worked? Using a discount code for twitter friends.. no one use in a year so we got rid of it.

Great tips! I use Twitter and have it linked to my blog, Facebook page, and Instagram account, so every time I post something on one of those it’s tweeted to my followers as well. I’ve had a few reply tweets when I show a new card I’m working on ‘is that available? can I get that one??’ so I think I’m doing ok.

How about you – how are you using Twitter to further your business today?



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