Organizing the Craft Room

Contributor post by BeadsandThreadsbyAmy

I don’t know about you, but I find organization of all of my supplies to be very challenging.  In fact, my craft room is currently so far gone that All the Kings Men will have a hard time piecing it back together!  I find that my desire to create (and visit my local fabric and bead shops) surpasses my storage capability.  So, I turned to our CIJ team for some inspiration.  I was not disappointed.

Veronica and Andy Fritsch from AVAArtsSupplies have really struggled with organization. With thousands of little beads we needed something. We started with manila envelopes labeled and organized by type (i.e. NFL, European beads…) in milk crates. Then grew to a filing cabinet and breaking our items into smaller groups (i.e. NFL 1 & 2, European animal beads, European colored beads…). From there we have grown to a peg board for the few items we can hang, bins, and the bins that hang on the wall. The ones that hang on the wall have been life savers! They are the type/style that you normally use to store nails and screws in. We can fit a ton of beads in each drawer and the space that they suck up are limited. We buy some new, but have bought several from yard sales. We purchased a label maker and have been working on getting more information on the items and in our listings so we can easily locate the items quickly.

Storage for hundreds of beads

AVAArtsSupplies Storage Solutions

To keep the area clear we have really been working on putting items away quickly. If we leave them out they end up shuffled all over and the mess builds. My tips for storage and organization are to a) look at your space and see what you have to work with, b) don’t be afraid to change!, and c) make sure everything has a place and that you know where that space is.”

Lots of Beads!

Wow…what a collection!

Be sure to visit AVAArtsSupplies on Etsy for your beading needs!

Ellen from thechillydog on Etsy shared these wonderful ideas for a small craft room:

“My craft room is tiny (10ft x 10ft) so organization is an absolute must. I utilize my wall space to store the tools and materials I use most. My secret weapon, peg board, like the kind you would use in the garage. I painted mine to make it look cute, though. I even did a blog post about the project,”  Ellen specializes in crochet, knitting and yarn craft essentials on Etsy at

PegBoard Blog Picture

Great storage solution for small spaces!

Ellen also offers a great way to store your crochet hooks or knitting needles…

Organize those Hooks!

Great way to keep your crochet hooks protected, organized, and ready for travel!

I don’t know about you, but I am feeling the itch to get into my craft room to start organizing!  Please share any of your organization tips with us, and happy crafting!


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