2014 Goal Setting

As we head into another new year it is very common to spend some time thinking about what we want to accomplish between now and the end of the year.  So we asked our team members what their Etsy goals were for 2014 and we were not disappointed in their feedback.

Amy of BeadsandThreadsbyAmy will be listing three new items in her shop by February 1.  She is in the process of mastering the art of “in the hoop” embroidery designs and will have that completed by February 20.  And based on her the progress she’s making on small zippered purses, she will be expanding her customer base – something that all of us would love to do.


Jenni of DayDreamsSunshine plans on being diligent about setting time aside each week to make something new or to try a new technique.  I’m sure we will be seeing more delightful creations from Jenni over the next few months!


Corkycrafts has plans to add more Texas flower seeds to her shop because they have been in high demand from her customers.  Corkycrafts will also be making new creations with wine corks in addition to her wine cork wreaths.


Sherri of ButterflyFeetDigital is working out the details to organize her time better.  She wants to do this so she can have more time for creating.  She especially wants to find more time to make more of her very popular calendars.


Keep a close eye on Deanna’s FiddledeeDeeCraft shop for her new line of customizable dolls.  Deanna has her patterns all ready and as the new fabric arrives she will be sewing, creating, photographing, and listing them in her shop.


Drink more coffee – that’s one of Jennifer’s goals.  Seems rather appropriate for a shop named CaffeinatedPapercuts!  Jennifer will be adding printable Valentines for this upcoming holiday.  And she will be launching a new line of scrapbook kits and supplies by July.


Hope you enjoyed reading about some of the goals of our team members.  Have you set your 2014 goals yet?  What personal goals do you have?  What about your career?  And what are your goals for your free time?  Or your hobbies?

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