A Christmas Story About A Miracle Baby

Let’s share a warm story today about a Christmas miracle and most precious gift for a couple. This story is told by one of our CIJ teammates, Veronica and Andy Fritsch.


A Parent’s Miracle

5“To us, Christmas means a miracle.

When we got married we were told chances are we would not have children. We were ok with it and planned to possibly adopt one day.

We went on our honeymoon and came back pregnant (shows you what doctors know lol). Throughout my pregnancy I was bed rest most of the time. I had grand mal- seizures from my blood sugar dropping (Type 1 diabetic).

We were prepared to lose the baby and/or me. Not happy about it, but realized it was possible. Needless to say December 22 after inducing me didn’t work I delivered a beauty mostly healthy baby boy through C-section.

He was in NICU for a little while (2-3 hours) and failed his hearing test several times. We went home Christmas Eve and had our first night as a family. Fast forward through many medical tests- he was allergic to breast milk, milk based formula, and soy milk formula; had his tonsils removed, and has Asperger’s…

7       6

He came down Christmas morning and looked at the presents, then at us and held up his hands like- “what, that’s it?!” All we could do was laugh!!

He will be 8 years this Christmas season. I could not love him any more today than I did the day he was born. He is our Christmas miracle.”


Christmas eve with his second cousins (Erin, Shelby, and Natalie)


His first birthday with his Aunt Krissy!


2012 Christmas Holiday – Photo With Mom


2012 Christmas Holiday – Photo With Dad

How the Fritsch Family Celebrates Christmas!

At first our Christmas were spent with lots of family on both of our sides. Christmas Eve was at Great Yaiyai (Grandma in Greek)’s house with tons of Andy’s family. Christmas mornings were at my parents house with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Krissy and Dominic (soon to be Uncle Dominic!). Now that we left Florida, it is just the three of us. We spend the day playing, making a big feast, check out the presents, and if we are lucky building snowmen!”

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Veronica and Andy!

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Thank you for joining us today. Fill your holidays with memories to last forever!

See you next time! – by A Gift Of Nature
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